Session 18: Progress on a Priority

Dow Jones representatives yesterday presented IAPE’s bargaining committee with a more detailed response to our health care proposal that moved closer towards the protections we are seeking against unpredictable increases to cost sharing. 

We were pleased the company heard our concerns and is meeting the union’s request for clear limits to premiums, deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums and other components of our personal health expenditures in an easy to understand table that is included in our contract.

Though we aren’t able to at this point share details on the specific increases the company is seeking, we assure you that we maintain our goal of limiting increases to a level that won’t erode annual raises. 

To that end, we again requested the company be prepared to present its proposal for the guaranteed raise and other economic items in our contract when we meet again to discuss health care next Thursday.

We are still further apart than we want to be on important issues. We are waiting on a response to our proposal to create pay tiers that would stop some people from falling far behind others. And we are continuing to push on issues like whether reporters should be told to be on standby on a Saturday for news that's not on their beats with no compensation for doing so. The company tells us that requiring you to make yourself available for the remote chance that something happens, with no pay at all for it, is just part of the job. We disagree, on everyone’s behalf.

We’re excited to see so many members change their desktop wallpaper screen saver to show your support for the bargaining committee. We have new IAPE stickers you can put on your laptop or notebook and buttons to wear on your lanyard to let management know that the union’s efforts have your backing.

For those of you in New York, we hope to see you next Thursday at O’Briens for our IAPE Happy Hour. And stay tuned for events and meetings in your location!