Session 16: Healthy Dialogue

IAPE’s bargaining committee on Thursday received a positive response from Dow Jones on the union’s health care proposal calling for clear limits to each portion of employee cost sharing.

Company representatives told us they understood our concerns regarding unpredictable increases and our desire to have the limits included in our contract. 

We expect subsequent discussions with the company to focus on cap levels, and we will share details as we are able while we work towards a deal on benefits. In the meantime, the terms of our current contract will continue through the end of October. 

We think we will be able to reach an agreement sooner than that, but we will need your continued and visible support to make that possible.

We have new swag coming in the next few weeks to continue spreading the word that “quality news deserves a quality contract”. Stay tuned for more in campaign updates next week. We also have mugs left for those that haven’t yet received one. Check in with your location director or email us at to get yours. It’s great to see so many of you supporting with the email signature/social media IAPE insert and keeping those mugs out and about! You are helping make our message at the table even stronger.