With more than 1,200 members in the U.S. and Canada, our committees offer an important gateway between rank-and-file members and IAPE leaders. Working with other IAPE members, you can help gain a better understanding of important protections afforded to our members and strengthen the union’s presence at Dow Jones.

Collective Bargaining

Responsible for polling membership to determine priorities for collective bargaining

Negotiates contract on behalf of union members


Mobilization and Membership

Connect with new members

Organize member meetings in your department

Work with IAPE leadership to plan membership trainings and information sessions

Help members understand proposals from bargaining committee during negotiations



Contribute to IAPE @ Work newsletter and the IAPE website

Foster lines of communication between your colleagues and union leadership

Help bring awareness of workplace issues to broader membership

Take photos at member events, create posters/flyers and suggest designs for T-shirts and IAPE swag in preparation for bargaining.


Labor Management & Grievance

Present member issues in monthly meeting with DJ representatives

Serve as point person in your office or location to make sure member issues are added to the agenda and receive proper follow up

Make recommendations to IAPE leadership on workplace issues that need union action

Contact: or


Help with pay study follow up

Host a Diversity Talk in your office or for your department

Report concerns about diversity and pay to committee chairs

Chairs: Lillian Rizzo (New York) and Louise Radnofsky (Washington DC)



Meet regularly with other news-side colleagues to monitor and discuss issues affecting the newsroom

Help formulate response to management on areas of significant concern to newsroom members

*Open to members working in News only.



Join regular meeting with IAPE directors from sales to discuss incentive plans and    department concerns

*Open to members in sales only.