How are dues assessed?

IAPE union dues are assessed at a rate of 0.7% of weekly regular pay and commissions, up to a maximum fee of $22.04 per bi-weekly pay period. Most members choose to have dues deducted automatically from their paychecks, for convenience. To do so, you must fill out a separate form that authorizes Dow Jones payroll to make those deductions.

How is IAPE leadership determined?

IAPE leadership is determined by elections held every three years, when members choose officers and other representative board members.

How can I get involved?

Volunteers are the lifeblood of IAPE. In addition to elected officials we’re constantly looking for members to pitch in on projects that run a wide range of topics, from benefits and organizing to bargaining and union finances.

Who are my contacts at IAPE?

In most cases, IAPE members have two or three elected representatives. The first is a location director responsible for all members in a particular region. In addition, every member can reach out to an IAPE representative dedicated to one of four different job groups: administrative & advertising, news, production or technology. Of course, you can always contact the main IAPE office or any other officers with any questions, ideas or concerns. We want to hear from you!

We are affiliated with The NewsGuild and the Communications Workers of America, and known as IAPE TNG-CWA Local 1096.

Are we affiliated with any other labor unions?

IAPE is recognized as a 501(c)(5) organization by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

What is our tax status?

How can I contact IAPE?

Phone: 609-275-6020
Web: www.iape1096.org
Facebook: facebook.com/IAPE1096
Twitter: @IAPE1096
Email: union@iape1096.org