Session 15: Words Matter

Since we started collective bargaining nearly three months ago, IAPE’s bargaining committee has had a clear plan and a proposal that has included contract language aimed at addressing our members’ most pressing concerns. 

After rounds of givebacks in previous negotiations, years of erosion to our compensation because of rising health care costs and a contract that failed to keep pace with our changing workplace, a comprehensive proposal was an appropriate place to start the conversation with Dow Jones. 

Yesterday, company representatives expressed frustration at the union’s thoroughness in seeking meaningful protections in our contract, even though their approach has been to discuss items in concept without offering language proposals. Given our immediate dispute regarding contract interpretation following Bargaining 2016, we think that words matter. And especially on key issues such as an employee’s rights when jobs change, seniority, the company’s use of contract workers and pay outside of scheduled work hours. 

As your bargaining representatives, getting the best deal on our most important issues is our primary objective. We think we have made significant headway given that we have yet to receive a response or counter to our wage proposal.

We will have another discussion on health care at tomorrow’s negotiation and will continue to push the company towards a substantive discussion on our proposal for clear limits to each portion of employee cost sharing. 

Tomorrow is the final day of our 60-day contract extension, and we expect Dow Jones will honor our request for an extension of our contract terms as they have in past years while we get to a final deal.

IAPE’s bargaining committee needs your support now, and there are a number of ways you can get involved. We’re also planning a series of meetings and events at all our locations through the next few weeks, stay tuned to your inbox or see your location director for more information. 

And if you’re at 1211, please note that we’ve changed the day for our Bagel Breakfast next week. Details below:

Bagels & Bargaining Updates

  • Come grab a bagel and fill your new IAPE coffee mug as members from the bargaining committee give you the latest news from the negotiating table. We’ll have some new swag items available as well to help support the bargaining team as they continue to advocate for a quality contract. 

  • Where: Yankees Meeting Room (5th Floor)

  • When: Friday September 6th @ 11a