Session 6: Bargaining 101

Dow Jones presented the union with a second proposal during our July 9th negotiation, but offered no changes to its position on major items that we know are most important to our members. 

While the company seeks to erode safeguards in our contract including eliminating seniority protections, removing the cost-of-living clause and, critically, ending the union’s right to negotiate health care and other benefits on behalf of our members, we will continue to fight for a fair agreement. 

Collective bargaining is a process where both sides meet and consider one another’s proposals in a good faith effort to reach a deal that balances company flexibility with the security employees need. The ability to negotiate terms of benefits that make up a significant portion of our members’ compensation is not a point we consider up for debate. 

Next week, IAPE will present our updated proposal to company representatives, including revisions on items where we are trying to reach an appropriate compromise. We expect to push for detailed discussions on job security, benefits and wages in coming weeks. 

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