Session 7: Picking Up the Pace

IAPE’s bargaining committee offered Dow Jones representatives a revised proposal at our negotiation yesterday, highlighting areas where we think we can reach an easier compromise. 

The union said it was open to the company’s proposal on vacation accrual terms for employees who are leaving the company, while reaffirming our proposal to allow all members to sell back or carry over a week of vacation at the end of the year.

We also moved towards common ground on our proposal to extend an employee’s discretion to receive an extra day’s pay instead of an extra day off when working on the July 4th holiday (or the August Civic Day holiday for members in Canada). Our current contract allows automatic cash out for holidays worked after Sept. 1. 

The company also agreed to the union’s proposal that would allow members who become disabled while on an unpaid leave to be eligible for short term and long term disability. 

Thursday we will present our proposal for guaranteed annual raises, which we know is one of the most critical items in our contract for our members. We are also planning for a substantive discussion on our proposals related to job security, severance, part time and contract workers and job postings. 

Please check back on Friday, when we will be able to share more details about the raise we are seeking for IAPE members for the term of the next contract.