Bargaining 2019 FAQ

What is collective bargaining?

Collective bargaining is the formal process through which employees negotiate wages, health care, safety, due process and other employment terms and conditions with their employer. At Dow Jones, the designated representative for union members is IAPE, which has negotiated collective bargaining agreements (CBA) for represented employees for more than 80 years.

When does bargaining begin?

Our current contract is set to expire June 30 and the union anticipates beginning negotiations before then. The terms of our agreement will continue automatically for 60 days after expiration. In past years, the union and company have agreed to extend the terms until a new contract was agreed upon.

How does it work?

IAPE’s bargaining committee made up of mostly rank-and-file union members has been crafting proposals, advancements to the 26 articles in our CBA, based on member feedback and mindful of changes at Dow Jones and the industry. The company will have its own proposals and will be represented by staff from legal, HR and benefits.

How do we get what we want?

Your bargaining committee has put careful consideration into this year’s proposals and will need member support to be successful at the table. That may mean attending a meeting, sharing updates from the committee with your colleagues and joining in other activities to let the company know that the union’s demands have your backing.

How can I learn more and get involved?

We are recruiting members in all locations to serve as stewards and to help with mobilization as negotiations move forward. Contact the mobilization committee, your representative or the union office.