Session 21: The Power of Collective Bargaining

During these negotiations, IAPE has pushed for updates to our contract language addressing company covered leaves and other benefits offered at Dow Jones. We often help members navigate the confusing labyrinth of Dow Jones bureaucracy so they can access available benefits. Parental leave is one of the most important, and yesterday the company and union agreed on a simplified explanation of leave entitlements for new parents and easy-to-understand references to company resources that will be included in our contract. 

Yesterday company representatives also presented a response to IAPE’s latest health care counter-proposal on limits to employee cost-sharing. The bargaining committee is reviewing the numbers, and we can report that we have moved even closer to an understanding of the increases we think are acceptable to our members. We are still awaiting the company’s presentation on wages, and reiterated to representatives that the union can’t offer any more compromises until we do. 

We think that two months is too long to wait for a wage proposal, and are asking all our members to wear their new IAPE T-shirts on Tuesday, Sept. 24, and every Tuesday, until we get a quality contract. If you haven’t gotten your T-shirt yet, we’ll be emailing details Monday morning on handout times and locations in your office.

We have started counting the days we have gone without a wage proposal from the company. There are a number of ways you can display your support for the bargaining committee, from wearing a lanyard or button, to changing your desktop wallpaper. Let’s help show management you’re on board to getting the quality contract you deserve.