Action Item: Displaying Support at Your Desk

This week we are asking members to change their desktop wallpaper and screensaver to our campaign image. Let's keep these active throughout the rest of bargaining to continue spreading the word that "quality news deserves a quality contract."

Here are some quick instructions to guide you:

  • Go to this link.

  • Right click to save image. (Remember where you saved.)

  • To set as background image:

    • Right click the image that you saved to "Set as desktop background".

  • To set as screensaver:

  • Go to your display settings in your start menu. (Could be under "Personalization" or "Display")

  • Go to "Lock Screen" or "Screensaver".

  • Under "Background" click "Picture" and browse to find the campaign image.

Next week we will be rolling out new buttons/stickers that we can all wear in solidarity with our bargaining committee.

We recommend wearing the buttons on your lanyards and bags. Laptops and notebooks are a good place to display your stickers.

Stay tuned for more on other ways to support as we continue.