Session 9: Working to Find the Middle

Representatives from the union and company focused the Tuesday bargaining session on finding common ground among the proposals presented by both sides so far. 

Dow Jones representatives provided some favorable responses to our proposals regarding  career progression for reporters and the significant concerns raised by the union about how the company chooses to undertake shifts in work when roles aren’t changing. 

We heard more details about the company’s proposal to eliminate premium pay in exchange for an easier process for cashing out comp time, though we expect further negotiation on the company’s proposed 10-hour cap for time earned for working on a scheduled day off. 

The sides also found agreement on our request for more notice to members who are called into disciplinary meetings. 

While we expect further discussion on major components of the union’s requests for our next contract—including for job security, wages and benefits—before we reach a deal, we were encouraged by the meeting yesterday. The bargaining committee will continue to fight for the security our members deserve from our collective bargaining agreement. 

Our next full bargaining session will take place next August 1 and will be focused on health care and benefits. Stay tuned to the bargaining blog for updates.