Session 4: More On Health Care

After our first negotiating session on benefits with Dow Jones representatives, it is clear the discussion about what the union views as an acceptable level of cost sharing for our members will continue through at least another session. 

Most of yesterday’s meeting was devoted to a confidential presentation from the company’s bargaining committee outlining increases to premiums, co-pays, deductibles, coinsurance and out-of-pocket maximums for all members after 2020.

We asked them to explain the rationale for the increases we were shown and have told the company we’ll need to share more detailed information with you to reach any agreement on health care—which is a significant part of your compensation for working here.

We also requested details of the analysis from an external consultant they used to justify projected increases as we review our position and move towards a deal that we think is fair for our members. 

The company says it needs flexibility to plan. We know you also need to know what to expect in your paycheck and budget. We’re confident they can achieve flexibility without making an even more dramatic shift of costs to employees—or telling employees we have no right to negotiate on health care terms.