T-shirt Tuesday today in support of fair increases!

As you saw from the bargaining update on Friday, the company offered the union 2% annual salary increases for the next three years. This T-shirt Tuesday, we ask members to wear their shirts or to display them at their desks for the day to show management that you support the bargaining committee as we fight for a fair contract. 

We are certain your hard work has helped give Dow Jones the “distinctive ability to prosper in the digital age” and we will continue to push for an annual compensatory increase that truly recognizes your value. We think we’re worth more. 

Many of you have already shared your stories of financial sacrifices you have made because of low salary increases over the years. We know members have had to work second and third jobs, move, sell cars, and ration money for their own medical needs. Please fill out this submission form if you also have a story to share. 

We understand not everyone can wear their IAPE shirt for the whole work day. You can drape it on the back of your chair to show your support for the bargaining committee. 

We are looking to gather more group photos (small and big groups welcome!) to circulate on social media. So feel free to organize a group shot on your own and send it to stefanie.frey@iape1096.org to be added to our social media channels. You can also post it on your own and tag @IAPE1096 on twitter, instagram, or facebook.