Session 12: Bargaining for You

Throughout two months of negotiations, IAPE’s bargaining committee has told Dow Jones representatives that we are here to deliver our members a contract that provides them meaningful protections. 

Our members made concessions over a series of contracts that helped position the company for the period of prosperity it is in now, and we think the proposals we have presented adequately account for your role in this success. 

Your priorities are clear–transparency surrounding health care cost sharing and increases that don’t erode annual pay raises and more certainty when jobs end or need to change. 

Tomorrow we will be making the case for reasonable increases to health care, with clear limits on each portion of employee cost sharing. We’ll also be reiterating our position on Virgin Pulse–if the company insists on offering a wellness benefit that forces employees to enter personal health information, there has to be a straight reimbursement option as well. 

We ask for your support as we fight for security on benefits that make up a significant part of your compensation. If you haven’t already, post a photo of your IAPE mug on social media (and see the representative from your office if you don’t have one). And tomorrow, follow along as your bargaining committee and representatives show the company that quality news deserves a quality contract.