Session 2: Steps in the Right Direction

In our second negotiating session, IAPE’s bargaining committee heard the company’s response to the union’s proposal, which is aimed at providing forward-looking protections critical to our members’ security.

While there are still substantial areas of disagreement between us—including on job security, seniority, benefits, severance and layoff procedure and compensation, among other items—the union was heartened by a productive discussion on other points.

In particular, the company has said it is open to our proposals for allowing more employees to realize salary increases by moving through the tiers, for more diversity hiring and for increases to emergency childcare and shift differential.

We also appreciated the clarification that the company doesn’t intend to eliminate time off for union work or the full-time release position guaranteed in our contract.

Though we expect significant negotiation over what the union sees as necessary improvements to our current collective bargaining agreement, we will continue to seek common ground to reach an agreement.

Our next negotiating session is June 20 and the union will provide a response to the company’s proposal and we anticipate a more involved debate about our corresponding proposals.   

We know that members are going through the annual performance review process and many are asking for merit raises. While both sides are still working out appropriate figures for the guaranteed annual increase, we want to remind you that there is nothing that prevents the company from giving a merit raise while we are negotiating the wage portions of our next contract.