Yogita Patel For

Candidate Statement

Dear IAPE Members,

My name is Yogita Patel and I am a candidate for the office of President in IAPE's 2017 election of officers. I started my Dow Jones journey nearly 12 years ago in Washington, and through a winding path of office closures and company reorganizations, have served in various roles on the editorial side for eight years in New York. For most of time with the company, I have been a passive recipient of the invaluable protections offered in our contract. I enjoyed my strong shift safeguards, overtime and holiday pay without too much thought of our colleagues who fought hard to uphold the primary objective of the union - to advance the economic interest and improve the working conditions of its members.

But more recently, amid what seems like a dizzying pace of organizational changes - as well as layoffs and buyouts - I have come to truly appreciate the legacy of those efforts. If we have any hope of defending and advancing our contract, members will have to truly be united once again. As we enter increasingly uncertain times in our industry, you deserve a union president who is ready to speak for our collective voice and defend your interests. I am ready to shoulder that responsibility, and ask that you vote for me the week of Oct. 23, so that together we can implement a new vision for IAPE1096.

In the meantime, I want to hear your thoughts about the union as well give you an opportunity to learn more about me. I will be in the Princeton office Friday Sept. 29, in D.C. Friday Oct. 6 and for my New York colleagues, I will be on the third floor from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Sept. 26 and Sept. 28 and again Oct. 3 and Oct 5. And am available via email or phone in between.


Yogita Patel
Interactive News Writer, Real-Time Desk
IAPE Steward