Results Are In: Patel, Hughes Elected


Yogita Patel wins race for IAPE President, Siobhan Hughes re-elected Secretary

The IAPE Election Committee has been informed by TrueBallot Inc. that a majority of eligible voters have voted to elect Yogita Patel as President of the Independent Association of Publishers' Employees (IAPE), Local 1096 of The NewsGuild-CWA.


Ms. Patel received a total of 364 votes, compared to 197 for Robert Johnson and 51 for Bob Kozma.

Had any candidate finished first without receiving a majority of votes cast by IAPE members, a run-off election would have been necessary. The IAPE Election Committee declares Ms. Patel elected President, having received 59.48% of members' votes.

In the race for Secretary, the Election Committee has been informed Siobhan Hughes defeated Michael Tahmisyan by a count of 517 to 82. The Committee has declared Ms. Hughes elected.

615 of 1119 eligible members voted in this election, for a 54.96% participation rate. 612 members cast votes for the position of President, while 599 members voted for a candidate for Secretary.

These elections round out the remaining positions on the IAPE Board of Directors for the term of office beginning December 1, 2017 and running through November 30, 2020. Earlier positions declared elected by the committee, having received only one nominee for each, are as follows:

Vice President/CWA Delegate — Michael Wursthorn
Treasurer/CWA Delegate — Joseph Walker

Location Directors
(Candidates must be employed in the geographic location they wish to represent.)

Mid-Atlantic — Nicole Barker, Patricia Corley, Kimberly McDonnell MacKenzie
Northeast — Meredith Lewin, Daisy Maxey, Lillian Rizzo, Paul Vigna
Southeast — Jess Bravin, Louise Radnofsky
Northwest — Alejandro Lazo
Southwest — Alexandra Berzon

Classification Directors
(Candidates must be employed in the job classification they wish to represent.)

Administrative/Advertising — Erin Rodgers
News — Zusha Elinson
Production — Roger Pacheco
Technology — Elton Ng

CWA At-Large Delegates
Patricia Corley
Tim Martell

The Election Committee would like to thank all candidates for their dedication to this election, and all members who participated.