The NewsGuild-CWA 2019 Election

Why is there another election?
Incumbent Bernie Lunzer was declared the winner of the previous election against challenger Jon Schleuss. Those results were challenged and the The NewsGuild Sector Election and Referendum Committee decided to hold a new election.

What is the relationship between NewsGuild-CWA and IAPE1096?
IAPE is a member union of The NewsGuild (formerly known as The Newspaper Guild), which itself is under the umbrella of The Communication Workers of America.

What are the important dates? 
October 18, 2019 = Deadline to protest voter eligibility (see below).
October 25, 2019 = Ballots will be distributed by mail no later than October 25 (may arrive sooner).
December 9, 2019 = Ballots must be received in New York at the American Arbitration Association headquarters by close of business.
December 10, 2019 = Counting of ballots will begin and continue for the remainder of the week until complete.

Am I eligible to vote?
IAPE members in good standing will be eligible to vote. A member in good standing is defined as one who was a dues-paying member in June, July, or August of this year. Anyone unsure of their status can contact the IAPE Election Committee at

How do I vote? 
Ballots will be mailed to members’ homes no later than October 25 by the American Arbitration Association. The deadline for ballots to be delivered to the AAA’s address in New York City is December 9.

Why is my vote important?
Participation in the last election, both by IAPE members and NewsGuild membership at large was weak. About 2,300 votes were cast, with 91 coming from IAPE members, and the margin of victory was 261 votes.

Where can I get more information?
Information is available here on The NewsGuild’s election page.

Or for information on the candidates:
Jon Schleuss website: 
Bernie Lunzer website: