January 21, 2016

Severe Weather

Since 1997, IAPE-represented employees have been protected by a negotiated agreement concerning "Severe Weather Emergencies." The document explaining the terms of that agreement is posted at http://www.iape1096.org/info/documents/SevereWeather.pdf.

In short, if a state of emergency is declared AND the roads or transit system you use to get to work have been closed by government order, you are still entitled to pay for the day if you choose to stay home from work.

If you decide to stay home because you believe it is too dangerous to commute (but roads or transit have not been officially closed), you may be docked pay for that day or forced to use a vacation day or personal day. This policy should protect you from discipline for making that decision.

This next part is important — ALWAYS INFORM YOUR MANAGER OF YOUR PLANS — especially if your travel/work plans change.

If you choose to work from home and you are able to do so, we certainly have no objection. Unfortunately, some DJ managers seem to prefer their employees to work in the office or not at all. So, if you step outside some morning and find a foot of snow, flood water or locusts in your driveway and you decide you cannot safely commute to work, call or email your manager. If that person prefers no work at all to working from home, so be it.

If you have any questions about the IAPE/DJ Severe Weather Policy, please contact IAPE officials Tim Martell, Bob Kozma or Rob Johnson.