August 3, 2015

Union Plus Mortgage Program

Refinancing? Buying a Home? We Can Help!

Interest rates are still at an all-time low. Now is a great time to refinance or make your dream of homeownership a reality!

The Union Plus Mortgage program, with financing provided by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage can help you with your mortgage needs whether you are refinancing your current mortgage, purchasing your first home or buying a new home.

The Union Plus Mortgage Program offers union members, their parents and children some of the most unique safety-net benefits in the USA, including:

$500 My Mortgage Gift award from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage after closing

$500 Union Plus First-Time Home Award for eligible first-time home buyers (available only to active & retired members)

Special hardship mortgage assistance from Union Plus in the event of income loss due to disability, unemployment or strike/lockout available.

To learn more, call 1-866-802-7312 to talk with a Union Plus Mortgage Program specialist to help you find the home financing that works for you or request a Union Plus Mortgage Program consultation today.


Eligible individuals can receive the Wells Fargo My Mortgage Gift promotion in the amount of $500.00, approximately 6 weeks after closing on a new purchase or refinance loan secured by a first mortgage or deed of trust with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, subject to qualification, approval and closing, when identifying themselves as eligible under the Union Plus Mortgage program. The My Mortgage Gift promotion is not available with any Wells Fargo Three-Step Refinance SYSTEM program, The Relocation Mortgage Program or the Wells Fargo Team Member Program. Only one award permitted per new loan. This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion, discount or rebate. This promotion is void where prohibited, transferable, and subject to change or cancellation with no prior notice. Gifts may constitute taxable income. Federal, state and local taxes, and any use of the gift not otherwise specified in the Terms and Conditions provided at receipt of gift are the sole responsibility of the My Mortgage Gift recipient. Please see Terms and Conditions document for more information.

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Whether buying or selling a home, home repairs can get costly. Many times we're so focused on our destination that we forget about our current home repairs and they end up costing us in the end. If you're buying or selling — the same rules apply — there are some things you just can't overlook.


According to home inspectors, a lot of issues that can arise with homes have to do with water. And, the main system that keeps your home protected against water is the gutter system. So, knowing that, here are things to look for and actions to take in order to prevent issues:

* Make sure your leader extends at least 5 feet from the house
* Check your gutters each season and look for cracks, separations, clogs or leaks
* Watch to make sure the foundation of your home slopes away from your house at least 1 inch per foot for the first 6 feet


The roof is your biggest protector against water damage to your home. If it's not maintained, damage can lead to costly home repairs. Here are some tips for how you should ensure you have a sturdy roof:

* Every season it's important to check your roof for cracked, curled or missing shingles. You can borrow some binoculars to get a better view, instead of climbing on the roof.
* Pay special attention to chimneys, sky lights and vents to make sure they are properly sealed


It's important to stay on top of any sort of pest infestation as it can lead to big issues down the road. Termites and carpenter ants are some of your worst enemies, as they tend to gravitate towards damp soil, mulch, firewood or shrubs. Keep these things away from your home's foundation and ensure your gutter system is working properly to avoid these conditions. Here are a few ways to avoid pest infestation:

* Check outside your home for open holes in the siding — use expandable foam to plug them up
* Trim shrubs away from your foundation
* Clean up debris or wood piles — keep them away from the house
* Watch for signs of pests including: piles of sawdust around baseboards, wings in window sills, walls and entry points

Once you're on top of these home repairs, you might be ready to sell or purchase a new home. If you're interested in learning more about the Union Plus Real Estate Rewards Program or for a SIRVA-Approved real estate agent in your area, you can contact 800-284-9756. If you decided to use one of our pre-screened agents you can receive $50 cash back after closing for every $10,000 of home sale or purchase price. Learn more by clicking here.

From now until September 30th, union members can receive $60 for every $10,000 in home value after closing when you use a Union Plus Real Estate Rewards agent to buy or sell a home. Learn more about this limited-time offer here.

Certain state restrictions apply to the real estate cash back program. To qualify for cash back reward (in cash back state) must use a SIRVA-referred real estate agent. Program designed as a referral service to provide you the opportunity to select a real estate agent to meet your needs. You must evaluate the brokers, agents and their services and make selections and decisions based upon your best judgment, interest, priorities and concerns. Call 800-284-9756 or click here for important program details and state restrictions.