November 25, 2015

Let The Holidays Begin!

Happy Thanksgiving, From IAPE

On behalf of the officers, directors and staff of IAPE TNG/CWA Local 1096, we offer best wishes for a safe and happy Thanksgiving to all our members in the United States and their loved ones.

(As usual, our Canadian members got the Thanksgiving jump on us last month.)

The IAPE office will be closed for the holiday on Thursday and Friday, but we will be back and ready to assist you on Monday, November 30th.

We do realize that, at a 24 X 7 media company, some of you will be required to work tomorrow. Just remember that any IAPE-represented employee in the United States with a work assignment on Thanksgiving is entitled to Holiday Pay: time and one-half for any regularly scheduled hours, and double-time for any hours in excess of your regular day (plus another day off, or an additional day's pay — at the discretion of the Company).

Tips on filing for Holiday Pay may be found here on our website, but please remember, whenever you make a Holiday Pay claim, Workday will only accept pay requests from the previous eight weeks. If you worked on Labor Day — for example — and you just realized that you forgot to file for your time, you will be required to deliver a paper time slip to the Payroll Department.

The IAPE office will similarly be closed during the week of December 21-25, and again on New Year's Day — but we'll let you concentrate on one holiday at a time :)