April 1, 2015

What IAPE Does

It is not unusual for the IAPE membership to all-but-forget their union in the years between contract bargaining sessions, but we want to remind you that your union is involved every day in the effort to defend your contract rights — and let you know we are ready to help.

There are three committees meeting with management on a regular, on-going, basis:

The Classification Committee has the job of ensuring that your job title (and your pay) match the job duties you actually perform.

The Labor-Management Committee is designed to informally raise any question or concern you might have at Dow Jones. In the past we have addressed everything from smoking policies to abusive bosses; from travel policies to sick days.

The Grievance Committee is where we raise formal complaints about violations of the contract.

IAPE leaders are committed to doing everything possible to ensure that this union truly represents you.

As always, if there is anything you need, please call the IAPE office at 609-275-6020, or 1-800-325-IAPE, or email us at union@iape1096.org.