July 31, 2015

Members Ratify Tentative Agreement

Deja Vu All Over Again!

By a 567-75 margin, IAPE members at Dow Jones locations across North America have voted to accept an extension of their previous contract through June 30, 2016.

With the final count, and more than 87% of ballots cast in favor of the extension, IAPE members approve a deal that will preserve all current terms and conditions of employment for another year and increase wages by no less than 2% for Union-represented employees.

Introductory pay scales will increase by 1% and the minimum-dollar pay increase for full-time employees will be set at $20 per week.

The ratification vote was open to all Dow Jones employees covered by this contract who were members in good standing as of July 13, 2015. The election was administered by TrueBallot Inc.

52.21% of 1,243 eligible IAPE members cast a vote right up until today's 12:00 PM EDT deadline, with the last online ballot submitted at 11:56 AM. The voting count represents an increase over 2014 totals, when IAPE members were asked to approve a similar contract extension.

In July of last year, 1,301 members were eligible to vote, but only 465 ballots were cast. 448 members voted in favor of the 2014 extension, and 17 opposed the deal.

Pay raises for eligible IAPE-represented employees will be paid retroactive to July 1, 2015. The Union and the Company hope that all new rates of pay will be in place by the end of September.

Once done, IAPE officials will begin double-checking pay increases for all IAPE-represented employees to make sure all 2015 raises have been properly calculated.

IAPE and Dow Jones representatives will return to the bargaining table early next year to negotiate a replacement for this extension.


The following is the text of today's Election Committee announcement to IAPE-represented employees

To all IAPE-represented employees at Dow Jones (not including the Bowling Green, OH production bargaining unit):

The IAPE Election Committee has been informed by TrueBallot Inc. that a majority of eligible voters have voted to accept the 2015-16 IAPE/Dow Jones contract extension. The Committee declares the IAPE/Dow Jones contract ratified.

Of 1,243 eligible voters, 649 cast ballots for a return rate of 52.21%.

567 — or 87.37% of those who voted — selected "Yes/Approve."
75 — 11.56% — voted "No/Reject."

This notice (and other relevant information) will be posted on the IAPE website,, as soon as possible.

In Unity,

The IAPE Election Committee