April 1, 2015

No Foolin'

It's Contract Time Again

IAPE members — it's that time again.

The one-year extension of our 2010-14 collective agreement will expire in three months, and either Dow Jones or IAPE may initiate negotiations beginning May 1st. IAPE representatives are busy preparing proposals for a new contract with Dow Jones & Company. Officers will be visiting with members at many of our locations, and IAPE directors will meet on April 24th to discuss the Union's bargaining plans.

And, as we do before every round of contract talks with Dow Jones, we'll be reaching out to you, our members, for your input and suggestions.

We're curious: what does the IAPE contract mean to you? What would you like to see changed or added? Which current provisions would you like to see improved, and which ones would you absolutely refuse to modify?

This is your chance to tell us what you want in your contract. Don't be shy, we welcome all suggestions.

Please feel free to reach out to an IAPE director or steward near you, or contact us at the IAPE office. And stay tuned for contract bargaining updates — July 1st will be here before you know it.

Note: At some point, we'll likely send you another contract survey. Don't worry — unlike management, we won't be asking you for your economic or political views. For those of you who received the latest DJ survey yesterday and believe the Company has no business asking those questions of their employees, we agree completely. We also believe the delete key is the best response to that "anonymous" questionnaire.