September 29, 2015

Raises This Week

All 2015 IAPE-negotiated pay increases have been processed and will be paid in this week's payroll, including increase amounts retroactive to July 1st.

The 2015-16 IAPE contract extension provides for three different types of wage increases for full-time IAPE-represented employees:

Minimum Dollar — Gross wage rates must increase by no less than $20 per week, or $40 per pay period.

Scale — For those paid according to our introductory pay scales, advancement to the next letter "step" within your pay Tier.

Compensatory — For employees paid above the scale rate for their particular experience, or above the introductory scale rate altogether, a flat 2% salary increase.

Each full-time employee covered by the IAPE contract and eligible for our 2015 pay increase must receive the largest one of these three possible raises.

(In other words, an employee eligible to receive a scale increase will