January 16, 2014 

David Bird Is Still Missing

Police Continue To Search; Bird Last Seen January 11th

UPDATE, AUGUST 14 — The Echoes-Sentinel reports that, seven months after his disappearance, police have no new leads in the search for David Bird.

UPDATE, AUGUST 11 — The Daily Record reports that Nancy Bird plans to cycle Gran Fondo, "a 107-mile ride through northern New Jersey beginning and ending in Morristown," in honor of her husband, David, who was an avid cyclist and had planned to ride the 2014 race himself.

UPDATE, JULY 12 — reminds us that David Bird has now been missing for six months. In a statement on the family's fundraising page, Nancy Bird said, "Words can't describe the anguish that Alex, Natasha and I feel. I can only say 'Thank You' for your continued love, friendship and support."

UPDATE, JUNE 19 — The Echoes-Sentinel reports that Dow Jones & Company has offered a $10,000 reward "for relevant and useful information that leads law enforcement to the location and/or return of David Bird."

UPDATE, MAY 1 — Fox News reports that the search will resume for David Bird after several weeks of severe weather and heavy snow that blanketed the region through much of the winter.

UPDATE, MAR. 25 — The Wall Street Journal reports that the search has resumed for David Bird. "Search crews with dogs Tuesday returned to the wooded area near Mr. Bird's home called Hicks Tract and other spots where Mr. Bird has been known to walk, the Long Hill Township Police Department said in an update posted on its Facebook page."

UPDATE, JAN. 30 — The Echoes-Sentinel reports that the Bird family remains hopeful. Said David's wife, Nancy, "I believe in miracles. "We witnessed one nine years ago when David received his life-saving liver transplant. I pray God has another miracle in store for us."

UPDATE, JAN. 27 — Family spokesperson Chris Fleming, David's sister-in-law, appeared on Fox News this morning to make a televised plea for information leading to David's return. "We have no clues. It's just like he vanished," Fleming said. "I just hope that somebody somewhere knows something, remembers something, saw something."

UPDATE, JAN. 24 — The Wall Street Journal reports that "Authorities are hoping new K-9 teams might pick up the scent" and that police are still focused on the search for and rescue of David Bird. Long Hill Township Police announced that "Preparations and arrangements are being made for supplementary K-9 units to assist Long Hill Township Police Department with their search for David Bird. These dogs have the ability to track and correctly identify a specific person in a field setting."

UPDATE, JAN. 23 — The Daily Record reports the search for David was "briefly suspended Tuesday during the State of Emergency though during that time leads were still followed," and that "The physical search picked back up on Wednesday." The Echoes-Sentinal reports "there is no new information" regarding David's whereabouts.

UPDATE, JAN. 18 — The Asbury Park Press reports that authorities remain focused on the Passaic River in their search for David, and that "the rumor of Bird's credit card being used in Mexico Wednesday did not come from the immediate family." USA Today also reports that credit card rumors "have not been founded."

UPDATE, JAN. 17 — CNN reports the Bird family is "baffled" by media reports that David's credit card was used Wednesday in Mexico.

UPDATE, JAN. 16 — NBC News is reporting that David Bird's credit card "was used in Mexico Wednesday night. The family believes that his coverage of OPEC may be related to his disappearance."

* * *

Dow Jones special writer and IAPE member David Bird has been missing from his Millington, New Jersey home since Saturday, January 11th.

Long Hill, NJ police are seeking the assistance of the public as they conduct an extensive search for David.

For those familiar with the area, David was last seen walking on foot in the area of the intersection of Northfield Road and Long Hill Road. Due to a medical condition, he may act confused or disoriented. He is not dangerous.

"He advised his wife he was going out for a short walk, he left his cellphone and charger and he has never returned," Long Hill Township Police Chief Michael Mazzeo told 1010 WINS. "We're out trying to gather as much intelligence through his computer, through his cellphone, through information provided by his wife, family and friends."

David's wife, Nancy Bird, told The Wall Street Journal that "the couple was putting away Christmas decorations Saturday afternoon when Mr. Bird put on his red rain jacket and said he wanted to take a quick walk before an expected rainstorm. He left the house at 4:30 p.m. and didn't take his phone."

David "had been feeling under the weather with a gastrointestinal virus. He was starting to feel better, and she wasn't surprised that he wanted to get some fresh air."

David is 6'1" and 200 pounds with grey hair and blue eyes. At the time of his disappearance he was wearing a bright red jacket with two yellow zippers in the front and blue jeans.

He has been with the Company since 1993 and covers energy issues for Dow Jones Newswires and The Wall Street Journal from the New York office at 1211 AOA. David also worked from DJ's London bureau in the 1980s and formerly was employed by the Associated Press and the Trenton Times.

DJ editor in chief and WSJ managing editor Gerry Baker released a statement, saying: "Mr. Bird is a longtime member of the Dow Jones newsroom. Our thoughts are with his family and we are working with the Long Hill Township Police Department as they continue their search."

Please call Long Hill, NJ police at 908-647-1800 with any leads or information.