January 21, 2014 

An Update From Steve

Former IAPE President Diagnosed With Atypical Parkinson's

Former IAPE president Steve Yount has been on long-term disability since November of last year, but sent along the following note this morning to let us know how he is doing:

* * *


Just a quick update.

Since resigning as President of IAPE as of June of 2013, I have been officially diagnosed with Atypical Parkinson's Disease, CBD.

Although I have never developed the tremors widely associated with Parkinson's, I do have a profound weakness in my left hand and left leg along with serious balance issues, an inability to concentrate and an inability to speak without a slur.

After several months on short term disability, I went on long term disability on November 7th 2013 and will be terminated as a Dow Jones employee in May, 2014.

Steve Yount

* * *

If you would like to contact Steve, you can still reach him at syount1096@gmail.com

Steve's note is a timely reminder of the negotiated disability protections in the IAPE contract. Dow Jones employees who find themselves disabled and unable to work are first eligible for short-term disability depending on their years of service with the Company:

An employee who is unable to return to work and who is approved for long-term disability will continue to receive 60% of his/her monthly salary — less any social security disability payments — for as long as he/she remains disabled until age 65 (or for five years in the case of an employee who first received LTD over the age of 60).

Please note: An employee who returns to work after being on short-term disability does not have his/her full entitlement restored until he/she has been back at Dow Jones for more than one full year.

For more information about disability benefits at Dow Jones, please see Article XVII of the IAPE/DJ contract, or contact the Dow Jones Benefits Center.