July 19, 2013

Nominations Open For VP, Directors

Nomination and rules for the election of IAPE Vice President, Location Director - Boston, and Location Director - Chicago.

Notice is herewith given of the election of IAPE Vice President and Location Directors in Boston and Chicago as provided by the bylaws of IAPE, CWA, Local 1096.


This Notice of Nomination & Election will be e-mailed to the last known work e-mail address of each IAPE member, in good standing, no later than July 19, 2013 and posted on the IAPE web site, www.iape1096.org.

Any IAPE member in good standing can nominate any member in good standing for any position for which the nominee is eligible. Good standing is defined, for purposes of nomination, as being current in Union dues or, if on leave, in good standing when the employee went out on leave, as of Friday, July 19, 2013. Self-nominations are permissible.

Nominations must be delivered in writing to the Election Committee.