November 18, 2011


From The New York Times — Two months after it began in New York, Occupy Wall Street carried out a "Day of Action" on Thursday featuring an attempt to delay the opening of the New York Stock Exchange, demonstrations on the subways, a sit-in in the roadway at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge and unscheduled clashes with the police in Zuccotti Park that left a protester with a bloodied face and an officer with a lacerated hand.

More than 240 people were arrested, five protesters were charged with felony assault, and seven officers and 10 protesters were injured, the police said.

Outside the stock exchange, officers swung batons at protesters who crowded the streets. At Zuccotti Park, protesters briefly removed barricades that had been placed there since Tuesday to create checkpoints at the park.

Among those arrested at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge early Thursday evening was New York City's top labor leader and the president of the nationwide Service Employees International Union, according to a union spokeswoman.