May 1, 2010

Contract Ratified. 90% Yes Vote.

The IAPE Election Committee has been notified by that the IAPE membership, voting March 26 through March 30,2010, has overwhelmingly endorsed the tentative Collective Bargaining Agreement between IAPE and Dow Jones.

The 'yes' vote totaled 90.63% of the ballots cast, while the 'no' vote totaled 9.37% of the votes cast.

More information will be coming shortly on open enrollment for health care and 401(k) selections while the union will be meeting with the company to complete — and then sign — a MOA (Memo of Agreement) and to fine tune the final language of the new contract.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote — and to all of those who were engaged in the process. The benefits we saved in this agreement — and the gains we made in this round of bargaining — are the direct result of the engagement of the membership.