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Rupert's Goals


Jul. 29, 2016 -- Yesterday, we talked some more with Dow Jones representatives about healthcare. And we asked them, is this desire to pass additional costs along to employees a Company need or a Company goal?

"It's a goal," they told us, "of News Corp and Mr. Murdoch."

Well, now we know who to blame.

Since 2012, Dow Jones has aggressively shifted healthcare costs from itself to you, nearly doubling the employee share of healthcare premiums to a planned 25% from 13%. What's more important to Mr. Murdoch than maintaining health benefits for employees whose hard work and industry-leading achievements Dow Jones leaders regularly extol? Things like a yacht for News Corp executives in Cannes, or a $40 million severance payment to an executive who resigned in disgrace.

Dow Jones notes that their plans (which aren't proposals — because management's current position is to eliminate contract references to healthcare) would still keep an employee?s share of premiums at the lower end of current industry standards. But the DJ argument still ignores the traditional bargain in which IAPE members have accepted lower wages in exchange for stronger health benefits at affordable prices. | More

Contract Comments?

Want to weigh in on Dow Jones/IAPE contract negotiations? Feel the need to vent about management contract proposals? Think the union has missed something you want to see addressed? You've come to the right place. CLICK HERE to see what other IAPE members are saying about bargaining, then email your own feedback to We'll post your comments ASAP! - More

IAPE Trivia

Jul. 22, 2016 -- Plenty of good guesses this week, but only seven correct answers in total to our question from Monday morning. Selected at random from those is the entry from this week's $50 gift card winner, New York member Anne Steele. Anne's correct response to our last question: when an overtime-exempt newsgathering department employee is assigned work at the office or at a location away from home on a scheduled day off with less than one week's notice, the maximum total compensation payable to that employee is up to five hours of premium pay (time-and-one-half) followed by up to seven hours of comp | More

Three Steps Back

Jul. 15, 2016 -- If Tuesday's bargaining session represented a step forward, on Thursday we took three backward. IAPE and Dow Jones representatives met all day Thursday in South Brunswick, and the Union opened with a comprehensive proposal document. Many of our positions are unchanged, and on some we offered agreement with the Company. But the most important part of our presentation yesterday was -- as we pledged on Tuesday -- a plan to link wages with healthcare. We proposed a turnaround from the current system in place for U.S. employees. Where healthcare premiums are currently calculated based on a percentage of salary, we proposed annual net percentage salary increases in July based on individual premium | More

Progress, But . . .

Jul. 13, 2016 -- Union and Company representatives met again yesterday in South Brunswick, NJ for our fifth regular negotiation session (on Monday, the classification subcommittee also met to discuss job titles and pay tiers). Most of the items discussed yesterday were those listed in last week's "Selected Issues" proposals from management. IAPE presented a response and -- after much discussion at the contract table, and some give and take on some of these topics -- Dow Jones followed with their latest proposal document. Without getting too deep in the weeds, it appears the Union and the Company have reached agreement on the authority of arbitrators to hear National Labor Relations Board charges deferred to arbitration and on the | More

The Missing Link

Jul. 6, 2016 -- Yesterday's bargaining session with Dow Jones representatives was, in a word, disappointing. During discussion of the Company's 2017 medical premium proposal, your IAPE committee suggested that, in order to have a realistic discussion about the ever-increasing employee share of medical costs, it would be helpful to have a proposal from the Company on wage increases. And they said no. "We're not inclined to link the issues," we were told. Imagine that -- no link between healthcare and wages. Even though Dow Jones medical premiums are assessed as a percentage of salary, and even though the Company has had the contractual ability since 2012 to boost premiums each year by an amount equal to half the previous year's negotiated | More

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