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On Healthcare


Jun. 22, 2016 -- IAPE members — yesterday, the Company provided the Union with their proposal for healthcare coverage in 2017.

Well, most of the details. Except to inform us that the Dow Jones "goal" is to have employees eventually pay 25% of healthcare premiums, they were not able to say yesterday what those premiums will be, or what employees' share will be in 2017 — and they won't provide those projections until, perhaps, our contract bargaining meeting on July 5th.

(An aside to IAPE members in Canada — we have a good idea how much Dow Jones wants to charge you for your 2017 healthcare coverage. More on that, below.)

So, apart from learning the Company's stated goal in further shifting costs onto employees ("the industry standard is 25-30%," they say), the other important takeaway from yesterday's meeting was this: they only have healthcare plans in place for 2017. While we discussed the Company's assumption (they would say "conservative," we might say "faulty") that the excise tax component of the Affordable Care Act will take effect in 2020, the rest of yesterday's healthcare discussion revolved around plan design for next year, and next year only.

We began yesterday's meeting with a discussion of healthcare cost | More

Bargaining 2016

Follow along as IAPE and Dow Jones negotiate collective agreements for our main bargaining unit, covering most Dow Jones locations across the United States and in Canada, and our production bargaining unit at the Dow Jones printing plant in Bowling Green, Ohio. Negotiations commenced in South Brunswick, NJ on June 14, 2016. Union and management bargaining proposals will be posted here as they become available. - More

IAPE Trivia

Jul. 1, 2016 -- Sorry for the time off, trivia fans. IAPE technical difficulties prevented us from delivering last week's question. Still, we can tell you that the winner of the June 17th contest was New York member Fred Leinfuss. Fred's entry was selected from those with the correct answer to our last question: the two qualifications triggering automatic review of a job description, classification and pay scale for a job are: * It has been established for at least one year. * From the date of the job's first establishment, there have been at any one time three or more persons assigned. (See | More

Bargaining FAQ

Jun. 17, 2016 -- IAPE members -- it has been a little more than three days since the Union exchanged contract proposals with Dow Jones management. And in that time, we've had two membership Q&A meetings (a small gathering in New York, a larger meeting in South Brunswick) and many of you have contacted the IAPE office with contract questions of your own. In an attempt to keep everybody in the loop and on the same page, we thought you might appreciate this sampling of frequently asked (since Tuesday) questions, and how we see the Company's first attempt at a contract proposal document. Q: Is the Company serious about these proposals? A: Quite frankly, we don't know. It's a little odd to receive a document short on specifics, but | More

WSJ: Union Made

Jun. 10, 2016 -- The IAPE Board of Directors is currently reviewing draft contract proposals to be presented to Dow Jones management later this month. But no matter how persuasive our committee members are during negotiation meetings, any Union leader will tell you that the real power at the bargaining table comes from the support of Union members in the workplace. So, today, we're unveiling our latest batch of IAPE-wear, along with a series of signs and stickers for you to show your support for a stronger Union and a stronger contract. Contact your area IAPE Director if you're interested in any of our IAPE signs or desk tents, packets of "stick with the Union" post-it notes, IAPE id badge reels and lanyards, stickers suitable for laptops or file | More

Pay Equity?

Mar. 8, 2016 -- In 1991, as part of a grievance challenging Dow Jones layoffs, IAPE looked at rates of pay among Union-represented women and men at Dow Jones and the results were startling: Among all job classifications, women made up 46% of the workforce and were paid approximately 24% less than men, on average. IAPE had been badgering Dow Jones management about discrimination and bias for years, but this was the first time the Union had conducted a comprehensive review of salary data relative to gender and race or ethnicity. Members were angry and demanded action. Two years later -- after initially rebuffing IAPE proposals -- the Company relented and agreed to a non-discrimination clause in the IAPE/DJ collective agreement. In | More

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