June 29, 2007 E-MAIL PRINT

The Statement

Congratulations to everyone who was involved in "The Statement" made by Wall Street Journal reporters on Thursday June 28, 2007. Support was just about universal.


People in bureaus around the country tell us that almost all Wall Street Journal reporters who are union members took part. We believe that even a few people in management quietly found ways to be away from the office for the morning.

The press coverage was extensive. In New York, reporters from the New York Times, Daily News, AP, Bloomberg, Reuters, CNN, ABC News, Crain's New York Business along with a number of publications from Europe and Japan covered the story. Several reporters and photographers were present when we gathered in the lobby at 2 p.m. in New York and marched together into the building.

We understand that some senior editors could be seen that morning walking through the New York newsroom, taking in the sight of our empty desks.

We have made it clear from the very beginning— in each and every action we've taken— that we are personally committed to the quality and integrity of Dow Jones. The actions taken by reporters are consistent with that commitment and they also were fully protected by federal labor law — and perfectly legal.

We believe the the people who run Dow Jones got the message that an independent, high-quality paper and a fair contract go hand in hand, and that Dow Jones employees are committed to both. That was the purpose of our action, and we achieved it.

As some of you know, we held our latest bargaining meeting on Wednesday the 27th. The signals from management are that they still want to reach an agreement with us, but that they still are very reluctant to compromise. That is a why it was so important for us to demonstrate our unity. We meet again on July 12, and we will continue to seek a compromise that both sides can accept.

We thank you very much for your support, and for showing both Dow Jones management and the world at large that we remain unified and that we aren't going to go away.

Jim Browning
Bargaining Committee Chair

Tom Lauricella
Vice President

Steve Yount


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